Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paul's Article on God's decrees and Determinism

Here's a link to Paul Manata's excellent article titled 'Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Reformed Theology: A Contemporary Introduction'.   (link)  Paul's main point, that Calvinism is determinism, is spot on.  Paul recognizes and answers the movement being generated by those denying Calvinism is deterministic.  I also think the article serves as a highly useful interface into the literature on free will/determinism. 

I do, of course, disagree with a number of points in the article, but they are fairly minor except in the arguments against libertarian free will section. 


Paul said...

Thanks for the linkage!

Pumice said...

I bookmarked the site and will try to get back to read more. He links to an even longer paper. Oh, the blessings of too much good stuff to read. But my wife wants to talk and I need to listen.

Grace and peace.

markshriv said...

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