Friday, December 31, 2010

Blogging on Catholicism in 2011

The past few years I have blogged mostly on Calvinism/Arminianism and while I may post more on that topic in 2011, God willing, I would like to discuss Protestant/Roman Catholic topics in the coming year. They have been on my mind as of late and it will just give me a chance to dig into other areas of scripture.

My initial impressions is that while my differences with Calvinists are mostly theoretical with little practical implications (i.e. I have worshiped God alongside Calvinists my whole life) my differences with Catholicism are the reverse.  We probably generally share the same view of God but I would not feel at home in a Catholic Church. The Pope, the Mass, Mary, the Saints, Icons, Purgatory, Confession, Indulgences, the Apocrypha... these are large, in your face, real world differences.  The heart of the difference to me seems not so much in the understanding of the God who is revealing things, but rather in what He has revealed.  We will see how my impressions change as the year goes by. 

God be with you in the new year.