Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fantasy Football Draft

The QBs were flying off the board early, so I had to pick from the best of the rest in that area.  Once Big Ben gets to play, I should be OK, but for the first four games I am going to have to go with match-ups and use the best of the rest. The league is standard scoring and is QB, RB, RB, Flex, TE, DEF, K.  Here are my picks.

1. (4) Ray Rice

2. (21) Calvin Johnson

3. (28) Miles Austin

4. (45) Joseph Addai

5. (52) Ahmad Bradshaw

6. (69) Jerome Harrison

7. (76) Malcom Floyd

8. (93) Carnell Williams

9. (100) Chris Cooley

10. (117) Carson Palmer

11. (124) Ben Roethlisberger

12. (141) David Garrard

13. (148) Jason Campbell

14. (165) Miami

15. (172) Jeff Reed

I think Rice will do well.  I thought about Turner for my first pick since the league isn't PPR, but Rice is younger and on a better team.  I got good receivers since the QB's were flying in the first few rounds.  In the middle rounds, Harrison, Floyd and Williams should all benefit from the misfortunes of their teammates, so hopefully they will provide good value and depth.  I chose Miami and Reed based mainly on their week one matchups and I will not hesitate to make weekly changes based on matchups. Miles is my only Cowboy, setting me up for my standard conflict of interest.   I am excited for the start of football; should be a fun season.

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