Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baptist Chronicles?

I recently enjoyed the article “Neither Calvinist nor Arminians but Baptists” by the authors of Whosoever Will: A Biblical-Theological Critique of Five-Point Calvinism. To an extent, I see myself in this category as well. The authors teach Eternal Security and reject Open Theism and therefore distance themselves with Arminianism. I also hold to Eternal Security and Molinism and I think Arminianism is perfectly consistent with these views, but to the extent Arminianism is associated with falling from grace, my accepting the label Arminian could confuse people. But I think this just gives me the opportunity to clarify Arminianism, rather than just reject an otherwise helpful label. Besides, I suspect the authors of the article represent a broad group in which some of the members do truly fall outside the Arminian camp, but are still not 5-point Calvinists, so the motivations for the group may be different for me as an individual.

I also like the point that the Calvinism/Arminianism issue should not divide fellowship or take our focus off evangelism. I am perfectly happy serving under a moderate Calvinist pastor or witnessing alongside Calvinist church members and I have been doing so for most of my life.

HT: Peter Lumpkins


bossmanham said...

Oh, Dan, someday we'll get you to be consistent with your Arminianism ;)

Just kidding.

Godismyjudge said...

lol... maybe one day you will be a consistent Baptist.

God be with you,