Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Year of SEA Membership

I logged in to the SEA site recently and noted that today marks the two year anniversary of my membership with the Society of Evangelical Arminians. Much progress has been made in the past two years and I am happy to have been able to do my part. The key thing about SEA is the bringing together of Arminians from various geographic regions and walks of life. SEA’s membership has theology professors to new converts, liberals to conservatives, charismatics to cessationalists, Freewill Baptists, Southern Baptists, Methodists, AoG and a host of church groups. Yet we are all united in Christ and in Evangelical Arminian views. So we come together to learn from each other, share ideas, fellowship, support each other. I count it quite a privilege to be a part.

The public website has quickly and quietly become the best resource for Arminian Theology (scriptures excepted) ever. There, readers may find substantially all the classical Arminian works and articles from modern scholarship as well. The links and books page alone can serve as an Arminian interface into the web and in print Arminian scholarship.

I have had moments throughout these two years where I have questioned if I should call myself Arminian. I came to my Arminian views via reading the works of James Arminius, not via an Arminian denomination such as the Free Will Baptists or AoG. So I sometimes surprise people when I say I am a Molinist or I hold to eternal security and in that sense perhaps the label doesn't serve me. But the nice thing about that is it gives me the chance to explain about about Arminius himself and the scope of Arminianism. And overall, since I find myself squarely within classical Arminianism, I find it's best to just say so.

Anyways, I am thankful to be a part of SEA and for all those who make that possible.

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