Saturday, October 31, 2009

Goals of this Blog

RGMPilgrim’s recent comments challenged me to think about the purpose of this blog.
Here’s the comment:

I think that Calvinism is as diabolical as it was for Calvin to have a man killed in the name of religious convictions.The servant of the Lord must not strive but be gentle unto all men was not Calvin's motto I do not think. On the other hand Jude made clear that there is something which we must "earnestly contend" for. It is the faith that JESUS Christ presented to us, and that faith did NOT include an option at thinking that God has not revealed whom he would elect, does it? Jesus is the revelation of the Father and Jesus was a first class gentleman, until he met up with the temple priest/businessmen.Further does not that faith for which we "agonizo" preclude that those who call God's wisdom arbitriness and God's justice, non-justice are to be viewed as "un-godly" and as servants of the Enemy?Perhaps you should beware being too "harmless?" This is war, albeit war in a spiritual theatre.Stay armed and stand my brother! :-) Roy

I never have put too much weight on Calvin's episode with Servitus, since it doesn't falsify Calvinism. Also, although killing Servitus goes against my understanding of the scriptures on the issue of church and state; I will admit I don't find the issue 100% clear, so I am not that dogmatic about it.

But it's the second part, viewing Calvinism as an enemy in a war that really got me thinking. The two main reason I strive to take a moderate approach to Calvinism are 1) I have always thought that Calvinism is inconsistent rather than blasphemous (i.e. it leads to God's authorship of sin, but they deny it) and 2) my past attempts of viewing Calvinism/Arminianism as a war lead me into great temptations to sin.

So if I am not trying to win a war, what is my goal? Reconciliation. I understand that hard-line Calvinists are unlikely to give up their Calvinism. And yet, while I am happy to provide information to those making up their minds about the issue; the rigorous fully thought out model of Calvinism of hard-line Calvinists provides for clearer discussion. So my goal of reconciliation seems impractical and may not be accomplished in my lifetime or even on this world. Still as a consolidation prise, I would like to at least lay out the foundations of a system that I think 'meets in the middle' that may be of some use in a time when reconciliation seems more likely. I think middle knowledge will be very useful in this regard.


The Seeking Disciple said...

I agree with you. I don't aim my arrows at Calvinist as enemies. I see them as brothers and sisters in Christ whom I disagree with. I do agree with Paul Washer that neither Calvinism nor Arminianism is the issue but regeneration is the issue. We can debate about how we came to Christ but the most important principle is that we have been born again. This is what drives me and I agree with Washer, this is why I can pray and worship with Calvinists.

drwayman said...

Can't agree more with the post and SD. Excellent thoughts.

Odeliya said...

Amen, Dan, and you are doing a wonderful job, even though it will never be possible to find the middle ground to fully agree upon, basically due to the fact that Calvinism will never agree that God gave us free will to believe.

But you do present theological viewpoints that come as close as it gets to it :)

To me personally blog is an opportunity to learn, and ask questions of various people. Also i have to honestly admit that there are Calvinists that show much more fruit of the Spirit then I, convinced non-calvie, do.What makes us pleasing to God is not right or wrong theology but regeneration and that Christ is seen in us.

Godismyjudge said...

Thanks all for the encouraging thoughts.

God be with you,