Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Great Disturbance in the Force has been removed. I wonder why. Long ago, Theojunkie and I used to discuss Calvinism on Now Theojunkie might not be as read up on philosophy as Paul Manata, as knowledgeable of the church fathers as Turretinfan or as rhetorically effective as Steve Hays, but he did have some rare strengths. First, he always kept the big picture in view, we didn't debate details for the sake of it, we only ever got into the weeds as it related to the big picture. Second, he has a very logical mind. Third, Theojunkie didn't use strawman arguments, nor did he "sell to the crowd". If you were talking theology with Theojunkie, it was a legit conversation. Fourth and most importantly, Theojunkie is passionate, sincere and very kind Christian. Finally, he has a good sense of humor. I will miss Theojunkie’s blog.


natamllc said...

Well, because I do not have a blog, I have to stand with you in yours! I wonder what happened to TJ? Maybe the rapture and we are left behind? Oh no!

All kidding aside, I heartily agree with you on your observation of him. I found I was leaving comments on his blog combox routinely and he was routinely allowing them to be published!

Was it me? Oh no! Maybe not and maybe I am the one who caused him to fall off the sphere?

If so, I am deeply sorry! :(

Well, thanks for your remarks about him, in any event.

Godismyjudge said...

Thanks Michael, and I doubt you were the reason he left blogging.

God be with you,

natamllc said...


hopefully you gathered that that was tease perhaps TJ would see it and come in here and set the record straight!

No patrimony on my part and thanks for that confidence from you, which means a lot to me, even though you can be stern with me at times! :)

J.C. Thibodaux said...

If you want to contact him, he's apparently still alive at Twitter.

Odeliya said...

Even if Apostle Paul was still alive on Twitter, I wouldnt go there, but glad to know he is going well! :)Glad to hear that, thank you, Sir.

It was ,indeed, always a pleasure to talk to Theo. Maybe he just got tired of running a blog, or too busy to do it right now.

God bless him in all he does,