Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 Audio Files Addressed to Moderate Calvinism

Here's a lecture by Ken Keathley (a Molinist) and one by Angus Stewart (a Classic Calvinist) addressed at moderate Calvinism. They cover topics such as supra vs. infra-lapsarianism, single vs. double predestination, a 'well meant offer', and defining hyper-Calvinism. Both find moderate Calvinism inconsistent and invite moderate Calvinists to consider their own positions. Both give excellent historical backgrounds for their views.


Pizza Man said...

Thanks for the audio link.

Robert said...

Hello Dan,

I know Keathley personally so I think I know what he will say in that audio message (so I will put him on the back burner). On the other hand, I did listen to Angus Stewart’s audio message. I urge every Arminian or other non-calvinist to listen to that message. There you will clearly see that what some modern “calvinists” try to distance themselves from, what they try to label as “hyper-calvinism”, IS IN REALITY WHAT CALVIN ACTUALLY BELIEVED AND TAUGHT!!

The message is actually quite sad because you’ve got this consistent and committed to the actual teachings of Calvin calvinist **exulting** in the false doctrine of reprobation (i.e., that God from eternity chose many human persons to be nonbelievers throughout their lives, that He ensured they be like this, do what they do, and then He punishes them eternally for being and doing exactly what He necessitated that they be and do). This is a great example of what Calvinism really is and really teaches. It is abominable doctrine, it makes God into a morally sick person, who hates the reprobates from eternity, while they are on earth and then into eternity, and he delights in reprobating them and eternally punishing them.

At one point Stewart says regarding Calvin’s doctrine of reprobation that there: could not be a greater demonstration of hatred then reprobation. He is absolutely correct, the “god” who hates human persons like Calvin mistakenly believed and then reprobates them in the way that Calvin believed that he does, you really ****can’t be more hateful than that****. That is also not the God of the Bible the God who reveals Himself to be very different from Calvin’s conception of God.

I have to say again for non-Calvinists if you really want to hear what Calvin really believed and taught about reprobation, you will find no better representation than that provided by Stewart in this audio message. I wish (I had the money) or that we could send out thousands of copies of this tape to Christians it would work like an antidote against the false teachings of Calvinism.

For example, imagine if the Southern Baptists (SBC) as a whole got a hold of this tape, they would want the calvinists out of their denomination. Currently, calvinism is working in a stealth manner to be acceptable and not seen as a threat within the SBC. A tape like this could blow the roof off these covert operations.


Godismyjudge said...

Thanks Kevin and Robert. I don't know Keathley, but I really did enjoy his lecture. I think it was at the building bridges conference.

God be with you,