Sunday, November 2, 2008

Index to Review of Hodge on Irresistible Grace


Odeliya said...

Thanks for combining it all and making easier to find on the site, Dan :)

Would you be of help please - maybe directing me to some posts re: dealing with the common argument from beloved C brethren about fallen man inability to choose, for to choose there should be intristic good in him,etc, you know how it goes

I think i've exausted all the arguments i had.
You have touched the subject many times and recently in a debate with TJ, but in case there are other things you would recommend to read.

Thank you,

Godismyjudge said...

Hi Odeliya,

Here's a few links off the top of my head:

If you have something more specific in mind, I would be happy to address it.

God be with you,

odeliya said...

Appreciate the links,Dan.

Seems like that is precisely what i am asking about. If i have questions further on while reading i will surely take advantage of your kind offer and will ask. I need to read a bit more on a few topics..

on a side note, I am getting dissapointed with heated forum debates and did cut down on those. Maybe its not the best way to learn after all..
I am not complaining about certain roughness people show,I gladly forgive that, but rather lack of substance.